At last even Sirwen has a site! I already have one, but this is better..I hope. Here we are! The title of the site is Wherever it may lead, but what? I actually don't know, but I like it.
You're probably asking your self: "I'm here, yes, but now?" This is another question I can't answer, sorry. But if you have other questions (possibly that I can answer)donít hesitate to call me. Now It's time to credit someone. First of all the amazing Stock.Xchng, where I took the great part of the pictures in the header; second of all my hosting, Altervista. For the brushes, textures, patterns and gradients that I use for my arts, visite those sites: Imagination, 84percent, Fragile dreams.
All graphics and contents are © by! Oh! What a fool I am! I haven't introduced my self yet! I am Sirwen Alphluin, a strange kind of creature, not really tall, not really small; a mix of an elf and a halfling. I'm a thief. Even a pirate and a can can dancer, but it doesn't matter.
My adventure is started during a phone-chatting with a friend of mine, Loth. She was talking about a place in the net where you can post what you think, a sort of a site, but smaller: a journal (blog). So I decided to have one. I went to Splinder and I created a blog called Imagine. I started to learn html language, but it wasn't enough for me.
Once upon a time I was in love with Orlando Bloom, no, not in love...I was O.B.sessed. My OBsession was so big that I needed to have a picture where I kissed him, so I decided to learn how to make a manipulation. And I learned it, but now, I don't like Orlando anymore, but I can do manipulation yet. So I became a graphic-web-designer. And she lived happily ever after. I know that it doesn't explain why I am a pirate, elf, halfling, thief and a can can dancer, but leave me a little mistery!
Now you're ready to visite my site: have fun!

I'll be very greetful to you, if you vote me at this site. Thanx

βγ  Sirwen Alphluin    

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